We are a global business that pushes the envelope in cutting edge technology.
Our specialists in various fields work together as a single unit, and utilize the best possible techniques, technologies, and expert skills to provide high precision and high quality products.

We continually challenge ourselves to be the best in the world in the field of cylindrical grinding technology.
And we strive to develop safe and reliable products which are environmentally friendly.

We strive to offer high quality before and after-market services to satisfy customer needs.
We ceaselessly work to create new value for customers all over the world.

Starting from the challenge

Next Stage Together

Shigiya Machinery Works Ltd. started as a Bingo Kasuri cloth textile machinery manufacturer in 1911.
Around 1955 we began to specialize in grinders, particularly focusing on cylindrical grinders, and our company has now celebrated over 100 years since its establishment.
I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to our customers and others who have supported us throughout the years to enable us to achieve this milestone.

Our company creed is “good environment”, “good products”, “good life”.
In order to allow for each of our employees to lead good lives, we will continue to ceaselessly challenge ourselves by working towards improving our environment, and using our creativity, ingenuity, and spirit of challenge to serve our customers and create good products.
Our self-appointed mission is to provide customers all over the world with inspiration and contribute to society as a business which continues to pursue the above goals.
We will continue to develop products that are useful for customers by clearly determining customer needs, utilizing the advanced technologies we have developed over our history, and passing on the skills and knowledge we have accumulated.

“Next Stage Together” We work to develop strong ties with our customers and always aim for greater heights.
I sincerely look forward to your continued patronage and support.

Norikazu Shigitani
Shigiya Machinery Works Ltd.