Product lineup
 Cylindrical GrindersUniversal GrindersSpecialized GrindersFace GrindersCenterless Cylindrical Grinders

Cylindrical Grinders
Swing over tableTypeSeries name
Vertical CNC cylindrical grinderGPV-10
Vertical CNC angular cylindrical grinderGAV-10

Cylindrical grinderGP-20
CNC cylindrical grinderGPS-20
CNC cylindrical grinderGPL-20
CNC cylindrical grinder with MeisterHandwheels GPH-20 
Compact CNC cylindrical grinderGPC-20
Compact CNC angular cylindrical grinderGAC-20
Double-drive CNC Cylindrical GrinderGPD-20
2-Head CNC cylindrical grinderGNW-20

Cylindrical grinder
CNC cylindrical grinder
CNC cylindrical grinderGPS-30(40)B
CNC cylindrical grinderGPL-30(40)B
CNC cylindrical grinder with MeisterHandwheelsGPH-30(40)B
Compact CNC cylindrical grinderGPC-30(40)B
Ultra-precision CNC cylindrical grinderGPX-30
2-Head CNC cylindrical grinderGNW-30
CNC angular cylindrical grinderGAE-30(40)B
CNC angular cylindrical grinderGAS-30(40)B
Compact CNC angular cylindrical grinderGAC-30(40)B
Production type CNC angular cylindrical grinderGAP-40
Φ450mm(Φ550mm)Cylindrical grinder
CNC cylindrical grinder
Φ650mm(Φ850mm/Φ1000mm)Large-sized CNC cylindrical grinder


Universal Grinders
Swing over tableTypeSeries name
Φ200mmUniversal grinderGU-20
Φ300mm(Φ410mm)Universal grinder
CNC universal grinder
CNC universal grinderGSU-30(40)B

Specialized Grinders
Swing over tableTypeSeries name
Φ200mmCompact CNC rubber roll grinderGRN-20
CVT grinderGSF-30B
CNC masterless cam grinderGCMH-30
CNC eccentric pin/polygon grinderGPES-30B
High-speed CNC eccentric pin grinderGPEL-30

Face Grinders
Swing over tableTypeSeries name
Φ380mmFace grinder CNC face grinder SG-38B

Centerless Cylindrical Grinders
Wheel sizeTypeSeries name
Φ400mmCNC centerless cylindrical grinderGCO-16B

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