CNC Cylindrical Grinder
with MeisterHandwheels



  • Operates as easily as a manual machine and makes even single workpiece grinding simple!

  • This series consists of a GPL series' wheelhead feed (X-axis) and table feed (Z-axis) attached with manual feed handwheels which provide a general purpose machine-like feel and usage. In addition, the installation of electronic stoppers for table positioning on the apron allows for faster production than a manual machine for single workpiece grinding and acheives high efficiency grinding for lot production by combining the auto-functions of an NC machine.

  • High-precision grinding specification "S type" is also available.


Swing over table mm φ300 (φ410)
Distance between centers mm 500 (470)
750 (720)
1000 (970)
1500 (1470)
2000 (1970)
Max. grinding diameter mm φ300 (φ410)
Load mass between centers kg 150
Wheel size O.D. × W × I.D. mm φ405 × 50 × φ152.4
Wheel peripheral speed m/s 33
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