CNC cylindrical grinder with MeisterHandwheels



  • Operates as easily as a manual machine and makes single workpiece processing and gauging simple!

  • This series consists of a GPL series machine wheelhead feed (X axis) and table feed (Z axis) with a manual feed handle attached which provides a general purpose machine-like usage feel.
    In addition, the installation of electronic stoppers for table positioning on the apron allows for faster production than a manual machine in individual item processing and high efficiency in combination with the automation functions of an NC machine in lot production.

  • This series consists of plain wheelhead (X axis) and table traverse type (Z axis) 2 axis simultaneous control CNC cylindrical grinders.


Swing over table mm Φ200
Center - distance mm 250/500
Maximum grinding diameter mm Φ200
Load Weight Between Centers kg 20
Wheel size O.D.×W×I.D. mm Φ355 x 32 x Φ127
Wheel peripheral speed m/s 33