Universal Grinder / CNC Universal Grinder



  • Extremely simple to use.

  • This is a universal grinder with a wheelhead that swivels ±30°.

  • This series includes the F type manual feed universal grinder, the H type hydraulic feed universal grinder, the A type automatic infeed universal grinder, and the ND type 1-axis CNC universal grinder.


Swing over table mm φ300 (φ410)
Distance between centers mm 400 (330)
600 (530)
1000 (930)
1600 (1530)
2100 (2030)
Max. grinding diameter mm F, H, A type: φ270 (φ410)
ND type: φ300 (φ410)
Load mass between centers kg 130 (150)
Wheel size O.D. × W × I.D. mm φ355 × 32 × φ152.4
Wheel peripheral speed m/s 33
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